How to tell your new partner you have an STD


You’ve been dating someone new… and you really like them. Both of you have indicated that intimacy is imminent. But you had an STD and haven’t shared this with your partner yet.

You know that it’s important to tell your partner of your STD status before being intimate. Not only does it stop the spread of disease, but it establishes open and honest communication from the start. However, you’re still understandably worried of how your partner will react to the news.

Sex therapist Rachel Needle encounters these concerns frequently and offers this advice: “First, make sure you tell them in person, face-to-face. Be prepared to educate your partner about the STI you have, including ways you can be sexually active and reduce the chance of transmission. If you feel comfortable, you can share with them how you contracted the STI and how, if at all, it has impacted you. Allow your partner to ask any questions they have and provide them with good resources to learn more on their own.”

Jenelle Marie Pierce, executive director of the STD Project adds that if things turn sour, it’s best to give your partner some space and try to not take their reaction personally. Your partner may be shocked but that doesn’t mean rejection.

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