STD Awareness is Essential to Overall Health


STD Awareness is Essential to Overall Health

Here’s something that isn’t surprising but many people forget: your sexual health is essential to being an overall healthy individual.

Many of us spend countless hours, hundreds of dollars, and endless Google searches to improve our physical appearance and mental health, discover the latest diets and supplements, and more. But to be truly healthy, sexual health cannot be overlooked or understated.

One big reason for this is because many STDs don’t have any symptoms. But that doesn’t mean that these STDs don’t harm your body. As STDs continue to multiply in the body undetected, they can cause significant health complications like pelvic inflammatory disease, arthritis, heart disease, certain cancers, and fertility complications. As these problems arise, you could do countless tests and health corrections and still not solve the underlying problem.

Additionally, your STDs affect your partners by unknowingly be spreading your STD with others. This perpetuates the rising rates of STDs around the nation, putting others at risk for these same complications.

But thankfully, this has a very simple solution: get tested, and get tested often! The CDC recommends getting tested for STDs once a year or when starting a new sexual relationship. Your whole body will benefit, and you can have peace of mind knowing about your sexual health.

At Private Testing Center, we make this easy to happen! We offer affordable and convenient testing in a constant effort to prevent the spread of Herpes, HIV and other STDs. Same Day appointments are available and with over 1500 locations nationwide, your closest location is only a short drive away. We understand your privacy is of the utmost importance and we assure confidentiality for every one of our customers.

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