STD Check at Home

There’s a lot of searches out there — and a few services — for STD Checks and Testing Kits that you can do at home. Sounds like a great idea, right? What’s more private and more convenient then your own house!

Private Testing Center does not offer in-home testing kits for STDs, and we have a really good reason. Give us a few moments to show why our testing can be just as convenient and private, but avoids the pitfalls of in-home testing.

STDs are not something you want to leave to Chance

There are terms called “False Positive” and “False Negative“. That means your test comes back showing you have an STD but you actually don’t — or shows that you don’t, but you actually are infected. Both of these situations are very bad.

With an in-home testing kit, if you don’t follow the directions exactly, you will contaminate the sample and increase your chances of a False Positive or a False Negative.

With Private Testing Center, we have a network of 1500+ labs nationwide. Each and every test is administered by a medical professional, meaning it will always be done properly, in a sterilized environment, for the MOST ACCURATE RESULT.

Some In-Home Test Kits are Scams

Beware of “Instant” STD Test Kits. These are sold illegally, without the approval of the FDA or the U.S. Government. They have very poor levels of accuracy.

Lab Testing has Much Faster Results

Since your test is conducted in the lab itself, your results are available in 1-3 business days. With many of these kits, it can take weeks or even months to get your results back.

Lab Testing is very Convenient & Private

Private Testing Center offers same-day appointments, with as little as 15 minutes before your appointment is on the books. In addition, the average lab visit takes less than 30 minutes. Finally, we keep your information strictly confidential. All these things make our tests just as comparable to your home.

Our Network of Counselors & Professionals

Our counselors are the most knowledgeable and ethical in the industry. We will listen to your story without any judgement, and advise you on the best test to take. We can give you easy tips so that you’ll get the fastest, most accurate result.

None of this is available with in-home testing, you are on your own. We want to help you. Call 888.248.9002, or Schedule Your Test Online.