How Accurate is a Herpes Blood Test After 6 weeks?

The Herpes Simplex Virus
Herpes HSV Lesions
Antibodies Attacking a Virus
Antibodies Attacking a Virus

People ask us lots of questions about STDs, and we’re always happy to provide answers about this sensitive topic. One thing we’ve been asked is “How Accurate is a Herpes Blood Test After 6 weeks?” The answer is “CONCLUSIVELY ACCURATE”, as long as you get the right test!

Genital Herpes is a nasty virus that comes in two different types, HSV-1 and HSV-2. They both have the same plan of attack: As many as 4-5 times each year, they attack healthy cells on your skin, hacking into them and forcing them to create clones of the Herpes virus — tens of thousands of them. The cells are forced to work so hard that they eventually die, and when enough of them die, it leads to sores or lesions on the surface of your skin.

These sores are hard to identify as herpes just by looking at them. They’re often mistaken for pimples, bug bites, or a rash. Anyone else that touches these lesions has a chance of contracting Herpes. Since they often appear on your thighs or buttocks, simply using a condom won’t eliminate the risk. You don’t even have to have visible symptoms to transmit Herpes to someone else.

The only way to know for sure that you have Herpes is to GET TESTED!

Private Testing Center is the most convenient and affordable provider of same-day Herpes and STD Testing. We can do two types of Herpes tests, and it’s very important that you pick the right one.

IgG Test – This test is accurate AFTER 3 weeks, and conclusive after 6 weeks and beyond.

We draw a small sample of your blood for this test, and check for the presence of ANTIBODIES. Antibodies are special soldiers that your body manufactures to fight a virus or a sickness. There’s a different type of antibody for every sickness you might get in your life, everything from Chicken Pox to the Flu. If the blood test reveals the presence of Herpes antibodies, it means your body is fighting the Herpes virus and you are infected. If we don’t see Herpes antibodies, it means you don’t have Herpes.

IgM Test – This test is accurate between 10 days and 4 weeks.

This is a special “early warning” test you can get to detect Herpes as soon as possible. We draw a small amount of your blood for this test and check it for a certain type of antibody. This antibody is the “front line soldier” and holds back an infection while your body focuses on crafting the more specialized antibodies that come later. This front line soldier retreats after 4 weeks, as the main antibody army is finished. So this test WILL NOT WORK if it’s been over a month since your contact of concern.

Not sure which test to get? We have knowledgeable and compassionate counselors that can help you, no judging. Don’t leave your health to chance! Call 888.248.9002 or Schedule Your Test today.