Can you get an STD if your partner is a Virgin?


Here at Private Testing Center, we get lots of questions about STDs and Safe Sex, and since our primary goal is to educate, we’re always happy to answer!

One of the questions stems from abstinence: Can you get an STD if your partner is a virgin?

This is where the benefits of abstinence until you are completely ready for sex really pays off. If 2 people without any STDs have sex, there is 0% chance that they’ll get one. STDs are transferred from person to person, they don’t start from nothing. If you are with that person in a long-term monogamous relationship (such as marriage) then you don’t need to worry about catching an STD.

But just because your partner says they are a virgin, that doesn’t always mean they aren’t infected with an STD. If they have ever had unprotected oral sex, there’s a chance you could be at risk. There’s also an unlikely — but possible — chance that your partner could have HIV or an STD from drugs and dirty needles, or the mother having passed it to them during childbirth.

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Our primary goal is to to educate people about the risks associated with unprotected sexual activity and also the importance routine screenings play in prevention and treatment of Gonorrhea, HIV and STDs.

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