4 Emerging STIs that you don’t want to Ignore


Scientists have known for a while now that viruses don’t stay the same. They mutate, charge forms, and become resistant to typical treatments over time. We’ve seen this most specifically with the two cases of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea in the UK.

So it should come as no surprise that there are always new emerging STDs and STIs. Here are 4 new ones you don’t want to ignore!

1.     Neisseria meningitidis

While N. Meningitis usually causes urogenital infections, it can lead to the potentially deadly meningitis infection of the brain and spinal cord. About 5-10% of adults carry this infection in the back of the nose and throat, which is easily passed through oral sex or other close contact.

2.     Mycoplasma genitalium

Although it is one of the smallest bacteria known, M. genitalium can cause major health issues. This is because it is often symptom-free, allowing more time for the infection to grow inside your body. Or when symptoms are present, can mimic gonorrhea and chlamydia and be treated incorrectly. The persistent irritation of the cervix and urethra can lead to infertility, miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth. About 1-2% of adults and adolescents carry this STI, but it is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics.

3.     Shigella flexneri

This bacterium causes severe stomach cramps followed by explosive blood and mucus-filled diarrhea. It is passed through direct or indirect contact of feces, which puts gay and bisexual men at the greatest risk for this infection.

4.     Lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV)

LGV first presents with a genital blister, pimple, or ulcer, but rapidly moves through the lymphatic system to the bowels. There, is causes severe bowel disease and abnormalities like fistulas and strictures. It is most common among gay and bisexual men, but is becoming increasingly common in Europe and North America.

The best way to protect yourself and cut down on the spread of infection is to get tested!

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