The pandemic has caused many problems for society, and experts believe it has fueled the continued rise of STD among young people.

The conditions during the pandemic have been the perfect storm for rising STD rates. There has been more free time and less access to healthcare. Children are home without their parents for longer hours and having their friends over–perhaps without their parent’s permission.

Ceri Burke, a nurse practitioner at Connecticut’s Danbury High School health center admitted, “there’s an increase in sexual activity among the kids I’m seeing.”

The CDC has reported that STDs have been rising for the past six years. Additionally, young adults aged 15-24 make up half of STD reports. It’s possible that we could see those numbers continue to trend upwards due to the pandemic.

In order to slow the curve of STDs, young adults need access to quality, confidential healthcare. During the pandemic, many health clinics–including those in schools–shut down. Adolescents certainly suffered the consequences of this. Having access to condoms, birth control, STD testing, and STD treatments is vital to reduce STDs among the young adult population. More funding is also needed for sex education.

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