CDC researchers estimate that in the past year, 30% of teens are sexually active and just 20% of sexually active high school students are tested for STDs. Of the 20% who were tested, 14% were boys and 26% were girls.

However, these numbers could be much higher for several reasons:

  • Lack of symptoms: Many STDs don’t have symptoms, and what symptoms appear could easily be attributed to something else, such as menstrual pain or indigestion.
  • Shame or fear: Teens have many reasons for participating in sex, and possible guilt or shame may keep them from getting tested. Additionally, if teens are afraid of their parents finding out about their sex life, they may never get tested.
  • Lack of testing: Most teens are still under a pediatrician’s care and taken to appointments by their parents. Many pediatricians won’t ask sex-related questions, especially in front of the parent. A teen may conceal their sex history to avoid conflict with their parent if they do.

Given that teens are just as susceptible–and maybe even more so than adults–to contracting an STD, they should be given the same STD screening and healthcare as adults.

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