‘Flesh-eating’ STD reported in UK for first time


Get ready to get the shivers from this news story! A rare type of STD has been reported in England back in April 2018. The disease is called donovanosis or granuloma inguinale and it causes flesh-eating ulcers to form on the infected person’s genitalia. Though it’s painless, the lesions rapidly spread and get worse, causing heavy bleeding and, if left untreated, cause the flesh around the genitals to literally rot away. It also comes with a hugely increased risk of HIV, which finds its most effective entry point through the bloodstream.

Thankfully, the disease is treatable with antibiotics, though you have to take them for at least 3 weeks, and patients risk relapsing 6-8 months after the intial treatment. Donovanosis is endemic to India, Papua New Guinea, the Caribbean, centeral Australia, and southern Africa. Experts say the infected woman likely had unprotected sex in one of these countries and then traveled back to England.

Like most STDs, donovanosis is transmitted through vaginal, anal, or oral sexual intercourse. The best way to protect yourself is not to have sex with someone who has the lesions visible on their genitals — and beyond that, use a condom. Also, since symptoms can take between a month to a year to appear after infection, you should get tested regularly. Private Testing Center recommends getting tested after every new sexual partner you have, or once a year.

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