Like many STDs, the symptoms associated with HIV can be easily attributed to another cause, like food poisoning, the flu, stress, or another illness. This means that many people living with HIV are unaware that they are infected. They often remain unaware of this infection for years, unknowingly spreading the HIV disease with every partner.

Ultimately, you cannot concretely know your HIV status without testing, but there are risk factors and symptoms that can indicate testing for HIV rather than another illness.

After infection, some people may experience symptoms, including:

Risk factors for contracting HIV include:

  • Anal and vaginal sex
  • The receptive partner
  • The viral load of the HIV-positive partner
  • Multiple sexual partners
  • Whether or not there is ejaculation during intercourse
  • Whether or not the male partner is circumcised

If you have one or more of the above risk factors, and/or if you have any of the above symptoms after having unprotected sex, it’s strongly recommended that you receive an HIV test.

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