Can STDs Cause Male Sterility?


If left unchecked, STDs can cause fertility problems. Most often, infertility is associated with women, but its crucial that males understand how STDs affect their fertility.

Many of the most common STDs can cause male sterility, including gonorrhea, HIV, chlamydia, and ureaplasma. STDs can also decrease sex drive and impair sexual health.

Gonorrhea can cause a narrowing of the urethra or inflammation of the urethra, epididymis, and testicles. If not treated in time, this leads to scarring and permanent obstruction of the epididymal canal, impairing the testicular function, and causing sterility.

HIV diminishes the capacity of the seminal vesicles and prostate glands. This decreases the quality and amount of sperm. Additionally, individuals with more severe immune deficiencies have poorer sperm quality.

Chlamydia also causes sterility in males, but the research is inconclusive on how. Some studies indicate decreased sperm motility, malformation of sperm cells, or by urethritis and epididymitis.

Ureaplasma affects sperm motility, DNA condensation, and sperm chromatin (which carries DNA and inhibits embryonic development).

Luckily, many sterility problems can be prevented by treating the present STDs promptly. As many STDs don’t have symptoms, it’s crucial that individuals are tested for STDs on a regular basis. You can find more about STD frequency testing here.

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