Can Dormant Herpes be Detected?

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Antibodies Attacking a Virus
Antibodies Attacking a Virus

One common question we get asked is “Can Dormant Herpes Be Detected?” The answer is YES IT CAN, as long as you get the right test!

Genital herpes is a virus that comes in two types, but both types act the same. As many as 4-5 times a year, the virus attacks your skin and causes an “outbreak” of sores, blisters or small pimples.

These take 2-4 weeks to fully heal. If someone else touches the sores, they can also become infected with Herpes. Even though you can see something is wrong with your body, these sores are often mistaken for other skin conditions like insect bites or a rash.

Eventually your body beats back the attack, but then the Herpes virus pulls a trick. It retreats back to the base of your spine, where it slowly builds up strength again, but also causes no trouble. This is called the “Dormant” phase.

During the “Dormant” phase, you have absolutely no symptoms, so it may seem tough to test whether you are infected. But here at Private Testing Center, we have a super accurate test that does just that.

You see, even though there’s no outward sign that you have Herpes, your body still knows it’s infected. It constantly battles it with special ANTIBODIES. These are tiny assassins that ONLY kill the Herpes virus.

With just one 15 minute visit, Private Testing Center will draw a tiny amount of your blood, and check to see if any of these antibodies show up. If you aren’t infected with Herpes, you won’t have any Herpes antibodies in your blood. If you ARE infected, it doesn’t matter if the Herpes is Dormant or Active, we will see the antibodies. You can take the test 3 weeks after your last contact of concern, and it’s super accurate.

Sadly, there is no cure for Herpes, as any medicine strong enough to kill the virus would also damage the nerves at the base of your spine. However, with a proper diagnosis and the right medicine, you can shorten or even prevent outbreaks, and also not pass it onto other people you care about. That’s worth getting tested for.

Don’t leave your health to chance! Private Testing Center offers affordable, same-day testing for all major STDs, including Herpes, HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrea and more. We keep all your info strictly confidential, and we’re here for counseling and advice if you need it. Call 888.248.9002 or Schedule Your Test today.