Monkeypox rates continue to rise not only in the United States, but worldwide, as well.

Monkeypox is spread through direct contact with the lesions, similar to the STD genital herpes. Does that make Monkeypox an STD? Experts still disagree.

However, most experts lean toward Monkeypox not being considered an STD.

Not “Classic” Transmission

STDs are transmitted through sexual contact that can include anal, oral, or vaginal sex. But since Monkeypox only needs direct skin-to-skin contact for transmission, it could be passed without sexual contact.

Condoms Won’t Prevent Transmission

Another defining characteristic of STDs is they can be prevented by condom use. However, Monkeypox lesions can be anywhere on the body, so even holding hands (if lesions are on an infected person’s hands) can transmit the virus.

An Entrenched Virus

It’s highly likely that Monkeypox will spread like normal viruses without sexual contact. Pediatric specialist Denise Dewald, MD, says “Monkeypox will become established in the pediatric and general population and will transmit through daycares and schools. It is not an STD. It is like MRSA. This isn’t rocket science.”

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