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Herpes Panel

  • Simple Blood Test
  • Wait at least 10 days and up to 4 weeks before taking this test.
  • Same Day Appointments
  • Results available in 1-3 Days

The Herpes Panel test from Private Testing Center is a comprehensive check on your sexual health. It can detect both a recent infection from the herpes virus and an infection of the past. It can be difficult to trace exactly how you contracted Herpes and this test gives us the best available data to draw our conclusions.

This panel includes the following tests:

  • Early Detection Herpes I & II Combo
  • Herpes I Type Specific
  • Herpes II Type Specific

The Early Detection test will react with the initial antibiotics released by your immune system following an infection. If this test is positive, you have become infected sometime only days or weeks ago.

The other two tests check for two additional sets of antibiotics released after 4 weeks of infection. If either of these tests are positive, you have become infected sometime earlier then 4 weeks ago.

You MUST WAIT at least 10 days from your last contact of concern, or else the test won’t be accurate. Private Testing Center will always determine how long has passed since a contact of concern, so we can be certain you are not wasting your time and money by testing too soon or taking the wrong test.

– What is Herpes? –

Herpes is a virus that comes in two types, HSV-1 and HSV-2. Both types go through “dormant” and “active” cycles. During the active cycle, the virus attacks healthy cells in your body, causing lesions (sores) on the surface of the skin around the groin, buttocks, or thighs. During the dormant cycle, the virus retreats to the nerves at the base of your spine and prepares for the next attack.

Because many people have mild symptoms that go unnoticed, or are written off as another condition, it’s estimated that 90% of people infected with Herpes are unaware that they have the virus. The ONLY WAY to know for sure is to get tested for it.

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