If you’ve ever been caught up in the moment and had unprotected intercourse, you may try just about anything to reduce your risk of developing an STD. 

A logical option is to take a thorough bath or shower to try and wash away any dangerous bacteria. But can you wash away an STD or STI?

One 2015 study entitled “New Study Proves Taking A Shower Immediately After Sex Will Prevent STDs” claims that as long as you shower no longer than two minutes after an orgasm, you can wash away nearly 100% of harmful bacteria.

However, this is not true. STDs and STIs are transmitted immediately upon contact, so washing afterward will not be effective. The only treatment would be the antibiotic treatment if you test positive for an STD or STI. 

Of course, you should always thoroughly wash your hands or shower after intercourse, as this could prevent the spreading of infection to other body organs. 

To reduce your risk of infection, you can:

  • Use condoms during intercourse
  • Limit your sexual partners
  • Ask your partner about their sexual health before intercourse
  • Get vaccinated against STDs
  • Test for STDs and STIs regularly–every few months or after having intercourse with a new partner

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