Whether you are entering a new relationship, getting married, or just want to get tested for any reason, we offer a couples discount. We realize your daily schedules may be different. Therefore, you do not have to visit the lab at the same time in order to receive your discount.


We support our troops! A discount is available to all members of the United States military. This is our way of showing our appreciation to all men and women who serve our county. (Military ID required)


We realize being a student can sometimes be a challenging financial time in your life. However, testing is no less important. This is why we offer a discount to all students.
(Student ID required)


If your company/organization requires setting up a group of people or several people over a period of time, we offer special pricing. We cater to many businesses, small and large, throughout the United States, such as, training organizations for MMA fighters, adult industry production companies, etc. Please contact us to set up an account.

Previous Customer

Whether you are doing your annual check-up, retesting after treatment, or need additional testing for any other reason, we offer a discount to all previous customers. We appreciate your business.

Place your trust in Private Testing Center to provide fast, accurate results and professional, reliable service.